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MoneyTalk Financials is a ten year old advisory firm based in Pune.


We are not agents to sell any particular product but we are financial planners. Only those products which suit our client are recommended by us in the plan. We believe that each client is different, his risk appetite is different and his needs vary, hence only after an in depth research of your needs and requirements we suggest you products which suit you


The ultimate aim of financial planning is to allow you to appreciate the finer things in life. We shoulder your worries about managing finances to give you more time to do things that you truly enjoy. Financial planning gives you freedom from the constant anxiety entwined with money matters and puts you at ease.


We act as a Doctor to your Personal Finance, who will very closely study each aspect of your Financial Life and come up with a Financial Plan and Recommendations which will take care of each aspects in total.

We will educate you and give you logical reasoning behind every suggestion we make. We will make sure that you agree and understand everything, so that in future you can take similar decisions yourself.

Our goal is not limited to insurance planning or Investment Planning. In fact we are trying to make your overall Financial Life better and pave a smooth financial path for you, which you can start walking on.

We are Certified, have deep knowledge and a good network base.


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Priya Konde


An Insurance and Mutual Fund Advisor since 1998. She has seen the mutual fund industry evolve and experienced the ups and downs in stock markets. Is competent in handling equity and debt mutual fund portfolios. Has rich experience in Life & General insurance industry and has the expertise to analyze any kind of insurance policy. 

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Siddharth Gadiyar CFA (ICFAI), CFP CM


A dynamic Research analyst with around 15 years of insightful experience in Equity Financial Services Research. A proven track record of consistently beating the Sensex & Nifty returns. Has the expertise to pick outperforming mutual funds. Is competent in deciding investment strategies according to tactical asset allocation. Is an expert in advising mutual funds as per the market conditions to optimize client’s investment returns.

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